Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boys treat girls gentle...

I have quite a boisterous little boy who, in all of his exuberance, tends to bash into anyone or anything who lies within his intended path. Unfortunately, my daughter is usually the one who is in his intended path.

I am so thankful for a family we knew years ago who trained their boys with this simple phrase:
"Boys treat girls gentle,
because God made girls special!"

I have taught these words to my 'almost three year old', and I tend to have to remind him quite often.
I usually start off saying 'Boys treat girls...' and then he fills in 'special', I continue with 'because God made girls...', 'special' comes his reply.

He usually goes on to tell me that his sister is special and that I am special too - so sweet. So I know that he at least grasps the concept of 'girls'.

I have found that this positive training method to be a whole lot more effective than simply;
"Don't hit/push your sister!" (said with a stern voice).
This type of rebuke just focuses on the hitting/pushing and does not give an alternative to the rough action.
Teaching him to be gentle is far more beneficial than just telling him to stop being rough.

The aim is also to give him a high regard for girls (and women), by reminding him that God made them special.
They are to be treasured as the beautiful creations that they are.

Please note that my son is very far from having mastered this principle. His toddler temperament gives little control over his testosterone filled actions. But hopefully in time, and with much prayer and training, he will be 'a man after God's own heart'. A man who, like Christ, displays strength under control.

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Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

I have a little boy that I struggle to keep gentle also and his poor sister bears the brunt of it!! I like the Duggar's house rules - one of them is "Do not lift a hand to hit, do not lift a foot to kick." I like how it focuses on the before action - don't even lift your hand -much less hit...

I am going to try your saying on my little man - I like the idea of the little ryhme to remind him to be gentle - thanks!