Monday, April 13, 2009

Making every moment a 'God Moment'

To take an everyday occurance and bring God, His power, His glory, His provision into the situation and thereby teach our children the attributes of God.

I must admit that the first time I was introduced to this concept I failed miserably at it. I was a young wife with no children as yet, but I had friendships with many of the young girls at our church.

That evening one of the girls came to chat to me, I asked her how school was and what she had learned that week. She told me that they had been learning about space and all the planets. My reply was, 'that's nice'. There was no 'is it not amazing how God was able to create something so big and awesome?', or 'we should thank God that the Heaven's declare His Glory every evening when we see those stars'...just a 'that's nice'.

As the little girl walked off I was immediately convicted in my heart that I had not applied the lesson I had learnt that morning. I told myself that I would have to make a more concious effort in looking for, and exclaiming those moments. I would love to say that ever since I have made every moment a 'God moment', but that would be telling a huge fib.

Now that I have my own children, it is a lot easier to have those moments. Children are great at finding the beauty in God's creation, the big or the small things that we adults often miss due to familiarity. A beautiful sunset, a flock of noisy birds, even a shady parking on a sunny day.

Let's eagerly search out those moments when we can exclaim God's glory to our children. Not only will it encourage them, but it will encourage our hearts at the same time.

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