Monday, January 3, 2011

Post-Festive Detox

I first did this detox when I worked for the Doctors Penny in South Africa.
It is a great detox as you don't need to starve yourself :-)
It just takes a little self-control to get through the 2 weeks - but it is well worth it!
They have just launched a fantastic new wellness website called
The Wellness Brothers
and have written their first book:
I highly recommend anything from these guys!
(And no, no royalties are coming my way - :0))
Here's the detox:
Plenty of fresh, raw fruit and veg.
Big salads are great.


Loads of pure water.
Real fruit smoothies.


Stay away from:
Refined carbohydrates
(white bread, white pasta, white rice, cake, cookies etc)
Tea & Coffee


Don't combine protein and carbohydrates in one meal.
ie: Meat and veg = ok
Wholegrain carbs and veg = ok
Meat and potatoes = not ok


Mild excercise.

You might experience headaches for the first few days,
this is how you know the detox is working.
Drink more water to flush out the toxins and take a nap!

Keep this up for two weeks,
not only will you feel great,
all your cravings will have ceased as well
setting you up for a healthy 2011.

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