Saturday, November 21, 2009

Psalm 23 Bracelet

A friend of mine in my Mum's Bible Study showed me her bracelet that a South African friend of hers had made.
I was so excited that I had to make one and share it with others.
It is a bracelet that corresponds to Psalm 23

Each bead represents a different part of the Psalm.
Here is the one I made for myself...

and here is the smaller one I made for Emily to wear.

This is such a great gift as it is a constant reminder of God's shepherding care for our lives.

My Mum's Bible Study group is going to be making them for our closing.

To view the instructions more clearly click on the picture below.


God's Dancing Child said...

This bracelet is gorgeous!!! I want to make one of these now. :) Thank you for sharing, and posting the correlating parts of Psalm 23 with each bobble.

God bless you!!

Marlene said...

Wow Thank you so much... so glad that I found your page - you should insert a FB button... you can get so many more hits and comments, which would keep you motivated to continue to share with others. Have a blessed!!! BTW, I'm thinking of making me a bracelet like this too, so thanks again!! =)

Sharon Wilkerson said...

Thank you for your post. I love the bracelet. Been looking for something like this for some time. Glad I found you. I'm going to make some for the ladies in my church. Thanks again for the post.

kuo said...

Good morning, please I love this bracelet. How do I get some ?

Melanie Weaver said...

Could you give some suggestions on where you purchased your beads? I would greatly appreciate that!!

Darty said...

Sharon I love this bracelet and would like to make one for a dear cousin of mine. Could you please give me instructions since I am a new beader. How are they all strung or attached to each other? Where do I get the findings? Thank you very much♥

Darty said...
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